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Podcast - Interview with an Expert

Student Motivation with Don Fraser

Don Fraser is one of North America’s leading authorities on student success and retention. A professor at Durham College for the past 30 years, Don publishes the national best-seller Making Your Mark, which has sold over one million copies. Don has delivered student motivation seminars to over 17,000 college staff at various conferences and at over 300 colleges across North America. In this podcast Don talks about student motivation.

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US News

Inside Higher Ed

Augustana Restricts Access to Yik Yak

Yik Yak Symbol Augustana College this week barred access to the social media app Yik Yak through the colleges wifi network, The Quad City Times reported. College officials put the app behind a firewall amid campus debate and a protest over posts on Yik Yak that many considered racist and offensive. Yik Yak has been criticized for the ease with which students can make anonymous racist posts, and has been the subject of protests on numerous campuses. Many colleges, however, have resisted efforts to ban the app, citing First Amendment concerns at public institutions (Augustana is private), and practical concerns, given that students have many ways to access the app without using campus networks. At Colgate University this month, faculty members bombarded the app with positive comments about students in attempt to reclaim the app from those using it in ways that hurt other students.


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Academic Minute: College Completion

In today's Academic Minute, Joni Finney, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania, discusses some non-standard routes college students take toward graduation. Learn more about the Academic Minute here.


Education Department releases draft 'framework' for its college ratings plan

With draft "framework" of its college ratings plan, the Education Department offers a glimpse into its planning -- but provides far fewer details than many expected.

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Michael Stratford
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Under Secretary of Education Ted Mitchell and Deputy Under Secretary Jamienne Studley, who have led the college ratings project, listen to audience concerns at a conference on historically black colleges this fall.

Career Education Corp. to Sell Le Cordon Bleu

Career Education Corp. on Thursday said it plans to sell Le Cordon Bleu, a chain of 16 culinary campuses. The company, which is one of the largest publicly traded for-profits, said in a written statement that the planned sale would allow it to "reallocate funds across our portfolio." Le Cordon Bleu is one of Career Education's better-known brands. With a current enrollment of 10,100 students, the culinary schools brought in $178 million in total revenue last year.

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UPenn students serve as campus consultants for higher ed coursework

A new version of a traditional course at the U. of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education trains soon-to-be higher education leaders with real-time problems. 

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Teams brainstorm suggestions during the final case study in a graduate-level higher education course at the University of Pennsylvania.

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